Christine Dowens

Vice President:

Christine Dowens is a dedicated wife, a mother to a precocious toddler, and a public school elementary educator for 14 years. She is also involved in various educational groups, committees, and honor societies while also teaching evening college courses. Previously, Mrs. Dowens earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Special Education and Regular Education, a Master’s of Science Degree with a concentration as a Reading Specialist, a Post Master’s Certificate as a Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant (LDT-C), and an Educational Supervisory Certification.  Her professional experiences are directly related to the organization and planning necessary to keep all events related to Unbroken Warriors running efficiently.
Although she enjoys traveling, New Jersey has always been Mrs. Dowens’ home and has been home for all her lineage since her relatives immigrated here several generations ago. Christine Dowens takes great pride in being born and raised in a country where so many people stand up for her freedoms day in and day out. Her love for her family and her love for the freedoms she wants her son to enjoy in his future, compelled Mrs. Dowens to help start Unbroken Warriors. She’s looking forward to augmenting her knowledge of mental health and special needs while dedicating her time to helping our military veterans regain their lives.