NJ Shore Walk 2017

The weather held out for us and we had tons of police and local residents supporting us! The town of Sea Bright and their local Business Association gave us a warm welcome and spread the word … Read More

Constitution Day 2017

Together with VFW Post 133, Unbroken Warriors discussed Constitution Day with the children in Freehold, NJ and had them participate in a narrated flag folding ceremony. The students helped fold the flag while learning the significance … Read More

Local Media

Check out Unbroken Warriors and Michael in the Community Magazine and on PBS!

PTSD Awareness Month

Spread the knowledge, spread the message! Not only do we work to help our veterans, but we also want to bring awareness to a mental health issue that plagues many people. CPTSD and PTSD aren’t only … Read More

Memorial Ruck Images – Take 2

These are just some screenshots and pictures I saved along the journey. You’d be surprised how many amazingly supportive people you meet along the way! It’s incredibly tiring but incredibly faith-renewing as well! Pushing onward….

Shop for a Cause

Free money? YES!! Amazon has a division of their company that gives .5% of your purchase price to the charity of YOUR CHOICE!! Load up your Amazon cart through the Amazon app and then use your … Read More

Support Unbroken Warriors

Support us when you shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. #StartWithaSmile at smile.amazon.com/ch/81-3181784 and Amazon donates to Unbroken Warriors Inc.

Hopelessly Partisan Interview

UNBROKEN WARRIORS SEPTEMBER 25, 2016 BY KEN BERWITZ ADD COMMENT Looking for a worthwhile cause to donate money to, maybe even a bit of your time? If so, think about Unbroken Warriors. Most people, I am … Read More