Rock to the Rescue

View this post on Instagram Catch us at PNC Bank Arts Center tonight! Styx has a charity, Rock to the Rescue, that is collecting money for Unbroken Warriors this evening. Rock out with Styx, Joan Jett, … Read More

PTSD Awareness Month

Spread the knowledge, spread the message! Not only do we work to help our veterans, but we also want to bring awareness to a mental health issue that plagues many people. CPTSD and PTSD aren’t only … Read More

Home Stretch

Michael Dowens has made it safely to New Jersey and is headed to the East Brunswick Memorial VFW Post 133 on the home stretch. For a bird’s eye view of his journey over the last day, … Read More

Memorial Walk – Day 2

Off to a great start, Michael and Unbroken Warriors continue the ruck. Day two is a hot one, but sunny weather!  Keep posting your support and donate to a great cause — PTSD Awareness!!! Let’s remove … Read More

PTSD Memorial Walk Images

Check out this morning’s pictures as Michael started his walk from Washington DC. Check out facebook and instagram for more photos!!

Lou and Liz in the Morning

Lou and Liz in the morning, the Jersey Shore’s hit music channel, is one of our go to stations in the car every morning!! And we are proud to share our journey with them as active … Read More

Get to know us! Read about the ruck, fundraisers, our board, and the 22 push up challenge! Great article by Community Magazine. #getinvolved Don’t forget to follow us on social media for timely updates! …….”In an … Read More