Our Story

Official Mission Statement.

Unbroken Warriors was established to provide veterans that are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) the means to pursue effective residential treatment through various proven therapeutic techniques. Our goal is for all American war veterans to manage their PTSD symptoms and regain control of their lives.

About Our Organization.

Unbroken Warriors was founded in 2016 in Holmdel, New Jersey by an American combat veteran afflicted with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The inspiration for creating this organization was from the innate desire to serve alongside other American war veterans in a new capacity. Unbroken Warriors is 501(c)(3) nonprofit. This signifies Unbroken Warriors organization that has been recognized by the IRS as being tax-exempt by virtue of its charitable programs.

A Logo with Meaning.

Unbroken Warriors Logo
  • The logo for Unbroken Warriors was designed to be significant to the cause and our mission.
  • The 22 stars symbolize the 22 veterans' lives lost a day to suicide.
  • The flag is for our pride in all the military's service to this country.
  • The teal star represents PTSD awareness while the yellow star represents traumatic brain injury (TBI), which both conditions are often mistaken, and mistreated, one for the other.
  • The circular design is for the never-ending PTSD battle.

Meet our Team.

The executive board consists of seven highly motivated men and womenwith diverse professional backgrounds, who understand the devastating impact PTSD can have on the afflicted and their loved ones. Some of the trustees of Unbroken Warriors have completed residential trauma treatment and are driven to offer that opportunity to veterans in need. Unbroken Warriors is dedicated not only to fundraising for veteran PTSD care, but also for raising awareness to the daily struggles that our returning veterans are faced with.